One Trick Pony Full Of Typical Lib-Dem Baloney

Brian, Brian, Brian. A bit of repetition there, huh? Not as bad as his manifesto though I guess, what with his seemingly constant focus on policing. If the Green Party (environmental issues) and the BNP (bigotry, racism) were seen as one issue parties, as a candidate he’s surely a competitor for most one dimensional candidate…

Well aside from merely voting for him for his apparent ‘super-cop’ crime busting skills and policies,

You should vote for him if:

  1. You’re a social liberal-he’s the only openly homosexual candidate in the race to be Mayor and has openly supported the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples, and is perhaps one of the less likely people to come out with something like Ken Livingstone’s “Jews won’t vote for me because their rich” gaffes.
  2. You want lots of affordable housing-he plans to build 360 000 new affordable homes in the London area over the next decade if elected. Someone’s forgot to tell him the countries broke and George Osborne is tighter than scrooge.
  3. You like trees– surely one of the more unusual proposals made in this election, Mr Paddick plans to plant 2 million trees by 2025. Yes you read it right, 2 million.

Awkward Memory:

His appearance on “I’m A Celebrity” in 2008, quite the epitome of a celebrity, not politician, desperately trying to grab a last few moment of fame until the next election (now).


Distant outsider who’ll do well to match last Mayoral elections tally of 9.8%, whilst not in the slightest helped by his party’s fall from grace: once the respectable voice of social conscience and forward thinking, now reduced to mere lapdog of Mr Cameron and co. Yes you’ve been a policeman Brian. Well done. Now try and think outside the box, or better still, go away.


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