Monthly Archives: May 2012

We Ken.

Charismatic? Not really.

But then this isn’t a popularity contest.

As outlined a few days previously, it is clear Mr Livingstone may not be lucky enough to share the ‘charm’ that emanates from Boris. As a personality, he is perhaps less likely to appeal to the masses on mere face value, yet his (and I say this in a thoroughly unpatronsing way), education and path to politics, qualifies him better than any of the other major candidates.

In the toughest economic times in a generation, I genuinely believe it crucial that London elect a Mayor who in no uncertain terms, will seek to serve the people, not least because he knows full well the actual implications of inflation, and not least because he knows the impact of public service cuts, because unlike Boris, he’s used them his whole life.

You should vote for him if:


1-You like money in your pocket- contrasting to greedy Boris (who’ll introduce fares by 5% by his own figures, kind hearted Ken will cut fares by 7%. And don’t worry about the impact on TFL’s coffers and alleged future apocalyptic fare rises needed in the future if this goes ahead, that’s inaccurate. I checked.

Furthermore, he also sets out plans for lower rent across London and better housing. Nice one.

2-You want ‘Chav’s’ to do something with their lives – generous old Ken has also pledged to reintroduce the Education Maintenance Allowance for 16-18 year olds from lower income families. Mercilessly stolen away by the coalition, the EMA is vital if we are to avoid a generation of young people being out of work nor having the motivation to be in education.

3-You would like to remain safe– Was the coalition’s foolish cutting of police numbers in any way responsible for the spread of savagery across our city last summer in the riots? A controversial point. Ken’s policy though isn’t: more police and thus a safer London for you and your children.


Vote Ken.