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US Election: Review of the Past 7 Days – Bedtime Stories Grab the Lamplight

Genuinely not bothered about the American election at the moment? Well, in Samuel L Jackson’s words, ‘Wake the fu*k up!’

The past week has been perhaps one of the most humorous weeks that you’ll manage in politics -period. In between Mitt Romney bemoaning the lack of open-able windows on a plane, and Iran state media re-publishing a hoax US poll which had their eccentric President Ahmadinejad as being streets ahead of Obama in popularity amongst white rural farmers, team Obama was ratcheting up the pressure in the battle of the campaign videos.

In perhaps one of the most bizarre political videos  of our time, Samuel L Jackson (Pulp Fiction, Die Hard, Ironman etc.) tells an f-bomb littered bedtime story, with Shakespearean  precision in both rhyme and verse, telling an American family of the importance of resisting Romney. Yes, the acting may be a little naff, and the criticisms of Romney hardly unsubtle, but on a serious note, the video is successful in highlighting what matters: the pluses of Obama to different demographics (e.g. the parents, the student, the elderly).

Romney camp response? A pretty crude mocking of the famous Obama ‘Yes we can’ speech, with a host of young American’s retorting ‘No, I can’t’, in light of their continued unemployment four years after Obama’s election, despite the early fanfare and optimism. Verdict: unimaginative – much like some of their manifesto.

That aside- despite Obama’s ad-vantage, he’s still got one hell of a battle ahead of him… On Wednesday he was speaking at the United Nations, where he gave a passionate speech on a number of issues, with his typical fine oratory and wealth of clichés, that so define a US president. Regarding the current greatest threat to world peace – the hot potato that is Iran – his words were stinging, yet Mr Obama’s apparent distancing of himself of late, from the Israeli premiership, is significant.

Finally, closer to home (sort of), a certain David Cameron made his US chat show sofa debut, the very same day. Following in the footsteps of his US counterpart who had charmed his way through the Letterman show just a week earlier, our PM battled in vain to replicate such panache, and to be fair he was more Boris Johnson (charismatic and funny) than Ken Livingstone (relatively dull). His undoing? Not being able to answer the host David Letterman’s questions on British history. Admittedly though, it wasn’t all that embarrassing given that no other Briton knew the answers either, without  first googling it.

Latest Polls? Obama 48%, Romney 45%