Week 7: Youngstars youngsters


Week 7 saw the arrival of Benny’s replacement to our small team – ICS alum Lizzie from Mokhotlong, as well as the festivities of International Youth Day.

As our timetable has become less fluid, so we’ve got into routine. Visits to the ECCD and local schools come thick and fast Monday to Friday, but we’ve been able to find time to work on our vegetable garden projects with the support group at Lebohang and home for OVCs at Mathouleng.

On the agenda this week was ‘stigma and discrimination’, with the focus of the sessions upon highlighting the different types of discrimination (e.g. that based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or HIV status) and its forms. Our message? That discrimination is founded only upon our own ignorance. Prejudicial thinking is only our projecting our own insecurities onto others.

This theme of empowerment was especially pertinent given the coinciding of International Youth Day. Saturday’s United Nations Youth Volunteers festival at a local school – themed throwback to the 1980s included – was a great opportunity to mingle with fellow volunteers from across the district, from a range of different organisations.

Eventful from start to finish, the dustbowl setting amidst a sandstorm was pretty inhospitable. Setting up of the tent was precarious at times, but ultimately achieved (however perilously insecure the structure may have seemed). But with a tent full of enthusiastic youngsters, including a charming theatre group, and hotdogs and squash for all, it was a charming afternoon.

Sunday was spent in the scenic heritage town of Morija, half way between Maseru and Mafeteng. The site of the first French missionary Church and with dinosaur footprints (we didn’t all attempt the ascent…) it really is a hidden gem.


un volunteer meeting saturday



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